Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Valley Community Bank takes your online security and privacy seriously. We keep a number of privacy policies in place to make sure that the information that you provide us through our site remain safe and secure. For more detailed information about additional privacy practices provided by Valley Community Bank, please visit our Valley Community Bank Privacy Policy. This policy explains our collection, use, disclosure, retention and security of consumer information.

For more information about steps that you can take to keep your personal information safe from online identity theft and fraud, please see our Online Banking Education Center.


Cookies are pieces of information stored directly on your computer. A “cookie” is a small text file placed on your hard drive by our web page server, and they allow us to collect technical and navigational information such as the date and time our site was accessed, the IP address of your computer, and the Web browser used. Valley Community Bank may place cookies on your hard drive for security purposes and to expedite site navigation.

The Cookies and similar files used by Valley Community Bank do not contain any personal information unless encrypted, and we do not use cookies or other files to track your use of other web sites. Cookies are only used during your Online Banking session for security purposes and to support your Online Banking session. Your personal information will always be encrypted when cookies are used on our site.

You are not required to accept cookies. However, if you choose not to do so you may experience some inconvenience in your use of some online products and certain online products, such as Online Banking, which requires the use of cookies and similar files. To restrict or reject the use of cookies, you will need to follow the instructions provided by your Web browser.

Collecting and Sharing your Information

Valley Community Bank may share and collected information provided by you in order to service your accounts, save you time and money, and better respond to your needs. We may collect information that you provide to us online in applications and other forms, as well as personally identifying information such as your name, address, and Social Security Number.

Additionally, we may use standard software to collect non-identifying information about our visitors, such as the date and time you accessed our site, your IP address (a numeric address given to servers connected to the internet), and the web browser you used and your city, state, and country.

Valley Community Bank may share information we collect from you online with companies that provide services for us. For detailed information on how Valley Community Bank shares your customer information, please refer to the Valley Community Bank Privacy Policy.

Accuracy of your information

Valley Community Bank encourages you to keep your information current and up to date. If your account information is incomplete, inaccurate, or not current, please call, write, or email us at the telephone number or addresses listed in the Contact Us section of our website. If you choose to email us regarding inaccurate information, do not include personal identifying information in the email as email is not secure.

Linking to other sites

There are times when we may provide links to non-Valley Community Bank companies, such as merchants. These include check printing and data processing companies; such as, those found on our Client Resource section of our website. If you choose to link to Web sites not controlled by Valley Community Bank, we are not responsible for the privacy or security of these sites, including the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of their information. If you are asked to provide information on one of these Web sites we strongly urge you to carefully study their privacy policies before sharing your information. When you select to link to an outside party’s Web site, you will receive notification that you are leaving the Valley Community Bank Web site.

Protecting Your Children’s Information Online

Valley Community Bank does not knowingly market to or solicit information from children under 13 without parental consent. We recognize that protecting children's identities and privacy online is important and that the responsibility to do so rests with both the online industry and with parents. If you believe that your child has provided us with personally identifiable information, please contact us so that we can review and delete this information. To learn more about protecting your children’s and your personal information, see the Identity Theft Prevention.

Secure Access and Verifying User Authenticity

To use Valley Community Bank’s online banking session, the user must key in an Access ID and a password. Additional security, such as the use of a security token that generates a one-time password, is offered for those using our Cash Management Products. Our system, the Internet Banking System, uses a "3 strikes and you're out" lock-out mechanism to deter users from repeated login attempts. After three unsuccessful login attempts, the system locks the user out, requiring either a designated wait period or a phone call to the bank to verify the password before re-entry into the system. Upon successful login, the Digital ID from VeriSign, the experts in digital identification certificates, authenticates the user's identity and establishes a secure session with that visitor.

Secure Data Transfer

Once the server session is established the user and the server are in a secured environment. Because the server has been certified as a 128-bit secure server by VeriSign, data traveling between the user and the server is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. With SSL, data that travels between the bank and customer is encrypted and can only be decrypted with the public and private key pair. In short, the bank's server issues a public key to the end user's browser and creates a temporary private key. These two keys are the only combination possible for that session. When the session is complete, the keys expire and the whole process starts over when a new end user makes a server session.

Time Out Feature

Valley Community Bank’s Online Banking also has a time out feature. This feature automatically logs you out of your session after 10 minutes of inactivity (by use of a “cookie”). However, for safer privacy protocol, we strongly encourage you to actually log off the system when you finish conducting your bank business.

Router and Firewall

All requests on the Valley Community Bank Web site must filter through a router and firewall before they are permitted to reach the server. A router, a piece of hardware, works in conjunction with the firewall, a piece of software, to block and direct traffic coming to the server. The configuration begins by disallowing ALL traffic and then opens holes only when necessary to process acceptable data requests, such as retrieving web pages or sending customer requests to the bank.

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